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Posted By: PussyKat69

Sponsoring has been restructured. Now they are more options and prices accesible to everyone. Just check it out by looking at the Sponsors page. No login required anymore.

Angry Kings News


Posted By: angrykings

Now open and accepting new players.

TopRankinGames News


Posted By: PussyKat69

You can now add up to 5 games per member.

Armorica RPG News


Posted By: avguste

Greetings dear players Since the addition of Armorica RPG to the TopRPG website, myself and my coder,Enforcer,we have been working very hard to improve the game. Much of the work was about fixing bugs and especially adding features. Since going in open beta, we have added the following features for everyone: brand new layout(cross browser compatible) New and Updated Mailbox Mine shaft Gym jobs/ranks 4 cities weapons/armor shops Estate/Housing In addition to the above, players donating to the game obtain the following features: Safe House Daily Donator Reward Itempedia Lucky Bags Player Trade Features and bugs are fixed on a regular basis and as you can see, the game has come a long way since its original launch. We would like to invite you to check us out and give us a fair chance. Thank you



Posted By: PussyKat69

Two sites were deleted as they were caught exploiting a bug on the voting page. This bug has now been fixed.

Celtic Raids News


Posted By: KiX

New game launched! Celtic Raids, a tribute to the old classic of Age of Empires and Settlers. Join all the fun with our newest addition to internet gaming.

Underground Evolution News


Posted By: PussyKat69

After a fantastic year, Underground Evolution has decided to expand its horizons. It has now opened a site in Facebook. It is still under construction as we have found a bug for Internet Explorer users, but the Lite version of the game is still fully playable. The best thing is that it uses the same database, so it doesnt matter where you register, your details will never change.



Posted By: KiX

We shall be keeping you informed of all the site updates either in the News or in the Forums.

Site Opening


Posted By: PussyKat69

And the day has finally arrived. The new TOPRANKINGAMES site has opened. Let us welcome all the new gamers and game owners and thank you for your continuous support.